Stantop Energy LLC is formed to provide professional consulting services in Power, Energy, and Infrastructure development projects. In the power sector, we are focused on both renewable (Solar and Wind Power) and conventional energy systems like CCGT plants. In the last few years, Uzbekistan took an action plan to develop its power grid with the rehabilitation of existing power plants and adding clean Solar power, Wind power, and Hydro generation. We have also involved Uzbekistan’s renewable energy development and energy efficiency policy-making strategy plans of the government.

Infrastructure projects include sewage improvement projects, water supply and wastewater treatment projects. We work closely with local government agencies and ministries like Ministry of Housing and Communal Services, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Finance to join projects financed by international financial institutions and development banks (EBRD, ADB, JICA, WorldBank…)

Stantop Energy is partnering with the biggest international engineering consulting firms on energy and infrastructure projects in Uzbekistan.


Power & Energy

Uzbekistan has over 12.5GW of installed power generation capacity and almost all generation plants are already aged and based on traditional carbon-emitting fossil fuel-based power plants. The condition of most of the existing power plants is not in good shape and require a lot of investments for rehabilitation or replacement. Also, the grid losses are over 20% which says the existing infrastructure needs to be upgraded.

According to the International Energy Agency key world, energy statistics report the Carbon intensity is a measure of how much greenhouse gas emissions an economy emits for every dollar of GDP produced, expressed in kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent per GDP. The world average is only 0.73, while Uzbekistan’s is 4.53. This means Uzbekistan is one of the most energy-intensive countries in the world.


Gas-fired power plants, CCGT

Demand for electricity is increased each year, so there as need for extra generation. Since Uzbekistan has rich natural gas resources it is very convenient to install several CCGT plants which is the popular conventional power generation technology at this time.

In the next 5 years, the energy department planned to install several large scale CCGT plants and gas turbines in different regions. The small size power plants like 350MW and below are mainly used for peaking purpose.

Solar Power

Solar energy is a suitable energy resource to increase the generation capacity and integrate with the existing grid to meet increasing demand. Uzbekistan has a large potential for solar energy with high solar irradiance levels.

The government’s one of the clean energy initiative strategies is to integrate over 5GW solar capacity and targeting generation of 20% from renewable energy sources by 2030. In order to implement this plan, Uzbekistan is announcing the open tender for international and local developers and investors.